Manual PPM Formula Calculations

The literature reports flavor chemicals in food products in PPM (part per million) use levels. Using PPM use levels in flavor formulas is easy, and better reflects the sensory properties of the ingredient.

The sensory properties of flavor ingredients includes description (qualitative) and intensity or strength (quantitative). The qualitative and quantitative sensory properties are determined by evaluating the ingredient at different PPM use levels. This gives you an insight into the use of that ingredient based on the flavor profile you are trying to create.

This short video shows an example of a flavor formula that includes the sensory properties of the ingredients, based on the PPM use level used. When the flavor is tasted at 0.1% in water, the flavor reflects the ingredients at their PPM use level.

Our Flavor Training Course and our Flavor Creator software uses this approach to create flavors. This approach reduces trial and error and gives an excellent starting point to create the flavor.

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